Our Story Behind our Autism Jewelry Designs

The Story Behind Our Autism Awareness Jewelry Designs

Our Story with Autism
Hello, I'm Margeiry, a psychologist with a beautiful family: my husband Bernardo, our children Juan Miguel and Samuel Elias, and Nala, our supportive family dog. Our journey took a turn when Juan, at just 2 years and 7 months, was diagnosed with autism. This diagnosis led us on a path of discovery, challenges, and eventually, empowerment.

Juan Miguel, with his infectious smile and joyful eyes, was developing typically until post-2 years when noticeable changes emerged. His speech receded, and his engagement with the world lessened. It was a friend's gentle observation about Juan's comprehension that became our moment of clarity. It propelled us to seek answers, culminating in an autism diagnosis.

Facing autism head-on, my husband and I, bolstered by a strong family network, navigated this new reality. Amid these challenges, the idea for Re-Do Bricks was born—inspired by party favors for my nephew's birthday, it evolved into a beacon of hope and creativity for our family.

Re-Do Bricks: A Beacon of Creativity and Support

Re-Do Bricks, initially an endeavor to engage more deeply with Juan Miguel, became my lifeline through the fear and uncertainty autism brought into our lives. It transformed into a creative outlet and growth opportunity, helping us channel our experiences into something positive.

Our social mission is deeply rooted in our personal journey with autism, aiming to aid others through our insights and experiences. We believe in creating more opportunities and stories of success for children with autism, advocating for early diagnosis, and supporting families navigating similar paths.

Building a New Narrative for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) represents a challenge that beckons us to innovate, learn, and grow. Our journey with Juan Miguel has been a tapestry of emotions, learning, and adventures, driven by love, optimism, and understanding. We're committed to changing the narrative around autism, focusing on potential, progress, and the positive impact of community support.

Advocacy and Awareness through Re-Do Bricks

At Re-Do Bricks, we're passionate about enhancing autism awareness and fostering inclusion. A precise diagnosis can unlock numerous avenues for growth and development for those affected. Our goal is to empower parents and communities to create inclusive environments and provide the necessary tools and knowledge for supporting individuals with autism.

The Symbolism of Our Creations

Our product line, featuring items like the Cute Tiny Puzzle Autism Stud Earrings, symbolizes the meticulous and continuous effort of those touched by autism. Each piece reflects the journey of building, learning, and loving, fostering imagination and creation in the autism community.

Through Re-Do Bricks, we aim to contribute to the broader narrative of autism, promoting understanding, acceptance, and support. Join us in embracing the journey, celebrating the victories, and creating a more inclusive world for everyone affected by autism.

Collection of various autism awareness jewelry pieces, showcasing diverse designs like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces with autism-themed elements.

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Featured Items:

These pieces not only serve as fashionable accessories but also as meaningful symbols of support and advocacy for the autism community. By purchasing from this collection, customers can contribute to a larger cause, helping to raise awareness and support for individuals on the autism spectrum.


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