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Re-Do Bricks

Phone Grip (Yellow Color)

Phone Grip (Yellow Color)

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✨ [ORIGINAL DESIGN] Stand out with this unique Popsocket design. Colorful and stylish, your phone will highlight between others.

✨ [PRACTICAL AND RESISTANT] Handmade with sturdy pieces. Take it for a trip, a party, a wedding, a familiar reunion. Will withstand daily use without hassles.

✨ [COMFORTABLE AND CONVENIENT] Adhere to your iphone, tablet, cellphone. Use it for selfies, cam conferences, Facetime, see videos, without using both hands. Get a firm grip on your phone for those action pictures.

✨ [GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS] Anyone with a tablet or cellphone can take advantage from a pop socket, make an appealing and useful present that they'll be grateful for.

✨ [A NEW STYLE FOR YOUR PHONE] All your friends have different colors and styles of popsockets, this brick piece design give a touch of novelty and distinction from other models.

✨ [ORIGINAL DISEÑO DE POPSOCKET PARA TU CELULAR] Hecho artesanalmente utilizando las populares piezas de Lego. Nuestro popsocket resalta entre otros diseños, siendo a la vez práctico y resistente.


Redo Bricks Cell Phone Brick Pieces Pop Socket

👍 An innovative design to stand out among other accessories, use it with your phone or tablet.

💪 Resistant and versatile, great for taking selfies with your friends, Facetime, Videoconferences, Action Photos and many more.

🎁 An excellent gift for a friend, good for both men and women, anyone with a phone will appreciate it.

✋ Handmade with care for the detail. will endure daily use and is easy to clean and maintain.

🔴 If you like to collect diverse pop socket styles, be sure to add this unique design to your acquisitions.


✔️ Divertidos y originales popsockets para tu Iphone, Celular Android o Tablet. Ideales para esas reuniones con tus amigos.

✔️ Hecho a mano con resistentes piezas plásticas, fácil de limpiar y duradero.

✔️ Un gran regalo para tus amigos, todo el que tiene un celular o una tablet sabrá apreciar este obsequio.

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  • Raise Autism Awareness

  • Long lasting Lego Pieces

  • Handcrafted with love

  • Share the Happiness

  • Made in the USA

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